Gift ideas for your favorite music lover

Santa’s helpers have been busy creating gifts for all the musicians on your list.    For the little violinist, Barbie now comes ready to play her favorite Paganini Caprice.



 A quick troll of the interweb yields delightful stocking stuffers such as  . . .


Music-loving gourmands will appreciate the chance to “shake, shake, shake” their spices with these colorful 3 1/2” tall congas “that will deliver the salt and pepper with an upbeat tempo. Ideal for seasoning your salsa.”

For the gardener on your list, a Californian artist is offering a fountain made from the following materials: water, copper pipe, recycled PVC base, Mexican beach pebbles, and TROMBONE.


Only $675! 

If hours of practice haven’t gotten you anywhere, why not just sit on it?


Another option.

These flops are made for your favorite musical beach bum.



Home décor items for music lovers include this inexplicable lamp. 

 Finally, while you’re shopping for your favorite radio announcers, please consider gifting Lord Ceratops:


“Lord Tristan Ceratops was an English philosopher, musician, socialite, and a leading figure in the Ornithischian Equal Rights movement. He gained notoriety for his satirical portrayals of the ruling elite House of Theropoda, employing song, dance, and no fewer than three brass horns in his performances. This one-of-a-kind painting depicts Lord Ceratops on the eve of his inception into the Brotherhood of Benevolent Terrible Lizards. 14" x 18" acrylic on canvas. Ships from Canada within North America.”

Please contact the artist if you have questions about shipping.