Getting to Know You

Dear Rochester,

Valentine’s Day this year came too early in our relationship for declarations of love. I do like you an awful lot. We’ve had a few good months together since we met up this fall.

Saturday nights at the RPO, afternoons at the opera:

Wagnerians at the Met Live in HD broadcast of Wagner's Götterdämmerung at Tinsel
Fellow Opera Fans at the Met Live in HD broadcast Wagner's Götterdämmerung at Tinseltown Cinemas

So many great concerts at Eastman … Imani Winds, recitals (especially the ones with viola!), Eastman Philharmonia’s Rite of Spring, and the Wind Ensemble’s Music for Prague, and plenty more great stuff on the way. The Gregory Kunde Chorale, Madrigalia, the Houghton Prism Concert…around Christmas, I almost lost track of all the music we heard!


And then all those movies at the Dryden, Little Theater, and the Cinema. And this weekend, you treated me to Key Largo and snow on my birthday, plus chance to poke around Mr. Eastman’s house before the movie:


 Organ rolls at the George Eastman House:

Organ Rolls at the George Eastman HouseGershwin Organ Roll at the George Eastman House

Fun mornings at the market:

Flour City Bread at Rochester Public Market 2/11/12

A night at the museum:


Extreme Mammal at the RMSCExtreme Mammals at the Rochester Museum and Science Center


A day at the library:

Sibley Library at Eastman School of Music

And plenty of coffee…

 Cappuccino at Joe Bean

I hope we have lots more fun ahead of us!


With affection,