Garrison Keillor announces his retirement from "A Prairie Home Companion"

Garrison Keillor, host of public radio's "A Prairie Home Companion" announced that he plans to retire from the show in spring of 2012.  However, he has lots in store to keep him busy.  Check out this interview with AARP.,pxbg,dv,3zw4,2n0n,6rg2,2hf3



Boo Hoo...sniff, sniff

How did I miss this story? What are we going to do Saturday evenings without a Prairie Home Companion and Garrison? Boo hoo! I was afraid this day would come at some point, and I'm most forlorn. I'm still in disbelief that somehow I was oblivious of this announcement and just stumbled across it now reading Ms. Phinney's blog. Not looking forward to telling my husband this news tonite - this is a regular part of our Saturday evenings. Sigh. Garrison Keillor - simply irreplacable...

Garrison's retirement

Stations have not had any word since the March announcement. We also have not heard anything about what the distributors might offer in place of APHC. If we hear of something exciting being offered as a replacement, we'll make sure to let listeners know about it.

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Ruth Phinney
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