Frogs and other Summer Music

Frog songs and links are better than boring apologies. Read on. 

There are so many things I just haven’t been taking the time to post – including pictures and stories from wonderfully charming visit to WITR with classical host and engineering student Jerome Glick, a whole bunch of thoughts on music and visual art, something about Seymour Bernstein (and the movie Seymour: An Introduction), baroque interventions, and maybe something about listening to classical music online (which NPR covers well here, but now there is a NEW WRINKLE.)

I should post them all eventually, and perhaps I will. For now, instead of your traditional “sorry I haven’t been writing” sort of post, here are some frogs. Frogs are better than apologies, right?


Gray Tree Frogs – heard while biking on the Genesee River Trail (or perhaps I was on the Greenway at that point?) and identified thanks to Aubrey of the Rochester Museum and Science Center.

 "I can tell undoubted Raphaels from Gerard Dows and Zoffanies,
I know the croaking chorus from The Frogs of Aristophanes!
Then I can hum a fugue of which I've heard the music's din afore,
And whistle all the airs from that infernal nonsense Pinafore!” 


Oh right, and what about those new summer concert series?  Have you checked out the Sunset Concerts at Christ Church or Midsummer Night Opera and added them to your calendar yet?