Friday, with the Analog Shutdown has come and gone along with some viewers!

Friday, June 12 has come and gone… Leaving some viewers with no broadcast television reception.  First, WXXI-DT did NOT change channels, increase power or decrease power on Friday…  I have had many reports that WXXI-DT is off the air or that WXXI has not transitioned yet to digital yet…  All false!!!
WXXI analog is operating in “NightLight Service” providing DTV educational information to the region as well as emergency alerts, should there be a national emergency. This service is scheduled to end on July 10th.
WXXI digital is operating at the licensed power, as we have since 2003, with no change… What has happened, apparently, is that the indoor antennas have been moved around to receive the other new channels (WHEC on 10 and WHAM on 13). So, tune to channel 16 (our real DTV channel), select the antenna strength meter function on the receiver or set-top-box and then move the antenna to maximize the signal for WXXI. This can be used for the other channels also… It may take a little effort to find a ‘happy medium’ of the antenna placement.
See the chart below:
Current Rochester NY over the Air DTV channels
WXXI-DT - PBS - channel 16 UHF
WUHF-DT - FOX - channel 28 UHF
WROC-DT - CBS - channel 45 UHF
WPXJ-DT - PAX - channel 23 UHF - (Batavia)
WHEC-DT - NBC - channel 10VHF
WHAM-DT - ABC - channel 13 VHF


I also seem to have lost WXXI

Add me to the list of those who seem to no longer receive WXXI since the June digital switch. I have a UHF antenna in my attic which has not moved (contrary to the 'conclusion' in the post above, which I think is -not- an explanation). Yes, I did rescan, but that was it. I don't doubt that WXXI's power levels are the same and that their transmitter didn't move, but something definitely happened because my setup has not changed either. I can't recall so I'll ask - Did the channel change change for WXXI so that a rescan was necessary to keep receiving WXXI's digital signal? The night of the switch had severe weather as I recall. Is there something damaged somewhere that WXXI didn't yet catch or hasn't looked for because not all seem to be affected? Is there a geographical pattern as to where these losses seemed to have happened? I happen to be in Webster/Penfield, near Plank & Five Mile Line roads. I've tried using a set-top antenna that I can reposition more easily than my attic mount just to see if I can receive WXXI at all. I can technically receive it, -but- the antenna position is extremely sensitive, as is my proximity to the antenna (aside: remember as a kid moving the antenna around until someone yelled, "Right there - don't move!"), and the best I can do is a marginal signal with many dropouts. Again, this is very different than before the switch. I'll keep trying every reasonable thing I can find. I'd really like to get WXXI back, but I'm at a loss. But it was great while it lasted.

Like so many others.... No Longer receiving XXI TV.

Sorry Kent,
Add my name and location to those no longer receiving Channel XXI.
Webster, NY; 1 block south of Rt 104, off Gravel Road.
Yes, I installed the digital converter back in November, '08. Yes I used to get your broadcasts.
Ultimate Frustration: No, I get nothing but "Weak Signal" since June 12th. Not even dropouts. Just Nothing.....
And Yes, I've tried Re-reading or re-assigning the channels.
Still nothing.
So please talk to our problem. According to a staffer at the Webster RadioShack, no one in Webster, Ontario, or points east is getting your transmission.
What is XXI doing about this?

Lights out in Webster

It is July 4 as I write this, and we still have no WXXI reception in Webster (near 250 & Klem).

We received WXXI digital signals before June 12, but since then, no signal at all. We have an outdoor antenna on the roof, and receive all of the other local digital stations with good reception. We changed NOTHING at our house since June 12. The problem is with your station! Contrary to what you say above, Mr Hatfield, SOMETHING changed.

In reading others' comments in the forum, apparently there is a coverage problem NE of Rochester that is not shared by the other TV stations.

"I have had many reports that WXXI-DT is off the air or that WXXI has not transitioned yet to digital yet… All false!!!"
The first thing you should do, Mr. Hatfield, is admit that there is a problem. THEN FIX IT! It wasn't broken three weeks ago. If you can't solve this, then WXXI should find a VP of Technology & Operations who can.

Still no signal

Still no signal in Webster from WXXI as of August 15th. All the other local stations are coming in well. We are very disappointed in WXXI.

No WXXI in Webster

WXXI needs to send someone to webster with a TV and an antenna and see if they can get signal, because I like others in Webster I can't. It doesn't matter what I do, or how I point the antenna I get nothing on both TVs. All other channels come in fine. I'm right near Shoecraft Road and can't get a signal. I'll be contacting the FCC if WXXI can't help.

I tried one brand of

I tried one brand of converter box, Apex, which had an interesting result. For WXXI (channel 16) it shows that there is about 50% signal strength but 0% signal quality. There's no documentation to explain this, but my interpretation or best guess is that there's a signal but it can't be interpreteted as proper DTV data. I take this to mean that WXXI is transmitting something but it's not "viewable" for some reason. One possiblity could be that there is an interfering signal (perhaps channel 16 in Watertown? perhaps some kind of radio signal only used in Webster or Wayne county?). I know I'm reaching here, but I'm hoping it will spark some new thinking on the part of the WXXI engineering folks other than "find a happy medium for antenna placement", which I fear will be close to their final answer.

WXXI DTV big disappointment

I see many of my nearby neighbors do not have WXXI reception with their converter box. I too am in this situation, live between Plank and Embury Rd. Near Creek St.

WXXI needs to address this problem and solve it. You've lost or will lose many supporters. I have attempted the attenna repositioning without success. All other local channels come in fine. Please take care of this concern. 7/11/09


I was getting WXXI with a roof top antenna as of July 13, but today no signal. Even when I was getting a signal WXXI was the poorest of all the stations. I hope you fix this. I won't be supporting a station I can't watch. Whats with that list of stations. Those are not the numbers my TV assigned to the stations when I scanned. I also get 4 digital stations not on that list?

had WXXI on DTV, now it's gone

Add me to the list of people in Webster with the problem. Initially, after the conversion , WXXI was working here. Then it became intermittent. Today, there was no signal. Apparently, my Toshiba HDTV removes the entry from the channel list after about a minute of staying on the channel with no signal. So, now I don't have 21-1, 21-2, or 21-3 on the list any more. When I rescan, those channels are not found.

All other stations work great, with high signal strength (generally 90+) according to the meter. I'm using an antenna mounted outdoors on the side of my house facing south-west. The antenna is not reachable without a ladder, so I can assure you that it has not been moved in the last 4 months.

update - now it's back (pretty much)

After posting on Friday 7/17 that WXXI was gone on my TV, I rescanned on Sunday the 19th and was able to acquire 21-1, 21-2, and 21-3. However, the signal strength was still very low, with many drop outs and the picture/sound freezing up one or more times per minute. Signal strength was typically in the 40-50 range according to my TV, with frequent drops to <10.

Now, on Wednesday 7/22 the signal is better -- 50-65 on the signal strength. I was actually able to watch about 15 minutes of programming with only 2 brief occurrences of the picture freezing up!

I'll monitor this to see how it varies over time. It seems like there must be some external factor involved with the reception of the WXXI signal. Perhaps it affects all the other channels too, but they have much stronger signals to begin with, so I do not notice a problem with them.

Still No Signal in Webster

I'm roughly at the corner of Jackson and State and still have 0% signal. Tried multiple antennas and amps, and still have 0% signal on Aug 22. Whats up WXXI?

still no WXXI in webster

had great reception of 21-01, 21-02 and 21-03 before the changeover..
no change of setup on my part just no signal at all

Signal Study in Webster

We are working our way throught the Webster area... If it would be possible to do a study at your home, please e-mail me at I can't promise that we will visit your home but I would like to have a few sites to review.



Lost WXXI Signal

We live in the city, near Culver Road & Atlantic Ave. We've had the same set-up since the conversion to digital television, but sometime Tuesday we lost all three digital WXXI stations (we recorded Globetrecker on Monday as usual, we looked Tues or Weds and just got "no signal," and it's been the same ever since).

Any suggestions anyone?

Loss of WXXI -DTV

Sorry you are having problems... A quick solution may be to retune you receiver manually to WXXI-DT signal by manually selecting, using the remote control select channel 16... The receiver should quickly lock to 16 then display channel 21-1. The other method is to do a automatic channel scan... To do this, using the remote, select menu and select the automatic channel scan.