The 'FINAL DEADLINE' Friday June 12th - Help is still available!

At about 23:30 hours, (that's 11:30 pm) on June 12, WXXI-TV will cease normal programming on analog 21 and begin special 'NightLight' programming for the Rochester region. (Other stations will shutdown analog operations earlier in the day, see below.) The NightLight programming has been designed to provide support in converting analog television receivers to digital as well as an emergency communication channel, in the event of a regional or national emergency, for those viewers that have not successfully made the digital receiver conversion. The programming produced by the National Association of Broadcasters and the FCC attempts to answer all common questions regarding digital reception. WXXI will continue to provide this analog NightLight as a community service through July 10th.
I have included the contact information below:
Coupons - 1-800-DTV-2009
Standard DTV Information - 1-888-CALL-FCC
>TTY - Deaf - 1-888-TELL-FCC
Other stations have planned for the analog shutdown in the early morning of the 12th. WROC, channel 8 has planned a ‘special event’ at 11:34 pm. The ‘Special’ will televise John Koon, the retired, long time chief engineer, at the transmitter controls, pressing the button to shut down the channel 8 transmitter for the final time. (WROC-DT is transmitting on channel 45.) This promises to be really cool for the techies out there.
Hang on… Here we go…