DTV Converter Coupon Program Ends Soon!

Over the next few days WXXI and the other broadcasters in the Rochester region will be working to inform all of the coming analog televison shutoff on February 17th.  One of the most important aspects of this conversion is the availibility of coupons to offset the price of the set-top converter boxes.  This program will not take any more requests for coupons after December 31th.  So, If you have been putting off the coupon reques, NOW IS THE TIME...  It takes only a few minutes...

Go to


Call 888-DTV-2009 (888-388-2009)

If you are unsure about your needing converter boxes... Take the quiz at  And remember to check those 'other' tv sets in kids rooms, guest rooms or game rooms.

Wednesday, December the 17th. check for a red bar on the bottom of the screen on the local channels... If you don't see that bar... Chances are very good that you are 'all set' for the analog turn off.. 




We failed our test

We just failed the digital TV readiness test. All channels said that I needed to upgrade the analog TV that I was using. My TV is a 5 month old LG (LG37LC7D), and I use an antenna in my attic pointed via compass to the transmitter (UHF end foreward). I have been receiving 8,10, 13, 21, 31, and all of their substations for some months now. But I am very confused.

Failed Test

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It sounds like you're probably still on the analog tuner, not the digital one. On your remote their should be an input, source and just straight DTV button that will switch your tuner. If you don't have that option, you need to do a manual channel scan. Should you have anymore questions you can call the WXXI DTV Hotline at 1-866-386-9994.