Comfort and joy

I admit it.  December is not my favorite time of year. With so many cards to write, gifts to wrap, cookies to frost, and extra church services to plan and direct, I often feel overwhelmed by what feels like a month-long To Do List.  That's a terrible thing to say, but I know I'm not alone. A survey conducted a couple of years ago by Harris Interactive showed 90 percent of respondents experience stress during the holiday season. 

Mornings on Classical 91.5 offer us a peaceful and quiet sanctuary, a time apart filled with inspired music and for waking and dreaming.  Here's what's ahead for us this week:

Monday, December 10

We'll kickstart Monday morning with works by Mozart, Rossini, and Bizet. On the Composers Datebook, hear music for Emily and Three Pieces after Emily Dickinson.  Listener Bill Petersen quizzes us on a haunting tune.

Tuesday, December 11

The Boston Symphony performs Dvorak, Isaac Stern plays Fritz Kreisler. The Composers Datebook examines Cowell at the Forum.  Two WXXI listeners request the same mystery carol – for different reasons.

Wednesday, December 12

We'll start the day with a ritual fire dance, a gingerbread delight, and a grand march. On the Composers Datebook, discover American composer Henry Brant. Classical 91.5 listener Debbie Kamm quizzes us on a mystery carol she loves because of the deep questions it asks.

 Thursday, December 13

WXXI’s Julia Figueras introduces us to “ of the finest conductors of her generation” according to The New York Times: JoAnn Falletta.  Also, we’ll enjoy inspired recordings of organist Virgil Fox, the Asbury Brass Quintet, the Vienna Philharmonic, and the man who sounded so much like Christopher Plummer - if Christopher Plummer could sing.  On the Composers Datebook, Barber in Rome (part 1) 

Friday, December 14

Wake with music from Jane Austen’s England, the worlds of Les Miserables and Downton Abbey.  On the Composers Datebook, Barber in Rome (part 2)