Classical Music Internet Sillies

Classical music fans have been having fun recently with several silly internet crazes.  Here are a few highlights, with explanations via Know Your Meme.






Yelling Goat. The explanation. Classical music’s responses – mostly opera, a little bit of Schoenberg. Edit: Richard Strauss now, too.





Harlem Shake. The explanation. The original classical response, by The Knights


There are many other orchestras and other ensembles playing this game now, it seems.



And while putting captions on pictures of composers, cats, and everyone else is nothing new – this one with Hector Berlioz is a recent star.  Here’s more about the deliciously crazy symphony to which it refers.


Oh, and just one more: Mad Men is returning for another season soon, so here’s an encore of With Heart & Voice host Peter Dubois’s version of the Draping meme (explanation).