Catching up with Cage

I couldn't resist posting just a few more John Cage links before this space gets back to being all-Copland all the time.


John Cage prepared piano app! (so much fun!)

33 Musicians on What John Cage communicates
 via NPR Music.  The list includes a comment from Paul de Jong of the band The Books, who have a thing or two to say about aleatoric music in one of their songs:



A Curious Cage Copyright Issue via Mark Grube, host of Mystery Train.


John Cage Century by Alex Ross, via Music Through the Night


Silence and Sound: Five Ways of Understanding John Cage

John Cage and John Cale share a Satie secret (thanks, Betty!)

100 Years of John Cage via Arts Avenue (Thanks, Nikola!)

A 4'33" Story - John Cage at 100