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Four Eastman students have made classical music station WQXR's list of Top Five Viral Videos of 2010. When the quartet Breaking Wind performed a fully choreographed Lady Gaga medley in wigs and sunglasses, “it wasn’t just funny; it was inspired,” writes Amanda Angel. One of these players is interning at WXXI, but so far, she’s left her blonde wig at home.



This morning's mention of an event related to crisis in Japan

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Hi Brenda

You mentioned something - I did not catch it all - something appropriately called "Tsunami".

Please, a link or some details


Gary H

Something to share

(in utter irony, written before the event, in a walk, with Charley, in the long Autumn shadows...)

Awash over the old rooftops
steady in flow of orange leaf,
the stumble of dry twig,
river-currents of Autumn
bring us distant news,
the loyal bark of a family dog,
from a porch, nearby,
removed of its memories
of fond gatherings
in white wicker chairs,
the string-songs
of wind chimes.

11-22-11 GWH

Hearts of Space

The event you heard about is a program, Music from the Hearts of Space, Sunday night at 9:30 p.m. on WXXI-FM. Thank you for the poem, Gary. Pets to Charley --