Back to school on Classical 91.5

The Rochester City School District dismissed 26 music teachers at the end of the 2010-2011 school year, leaving thousands of kids bereft.  Sure, there’s been some reshuffling and rehiring, but many students, especially in the higher grades, will no longer get professional training or mentoring.  This month on Classical 91.5, we’ll look at the impact of budget cuts on music education, starting with one sixth grader and her dream to play the flute.

Looking forward, all month long you’ll be hearing about interesting trends in music.  Why do some famous composers seem less important over time, while others’ stars continually rise?  Who’s tracking that?  Why are more Rochester folk singers making up original songs?  Why do choirs generally sound better in 2011 than they did in 1960?   How does Rochester influence the U.S. Library of Congress?  What’s spreading local ukulele fever?  You’ll hear from experts, scholars, and decision-makers throughout September on Classical 91.5. If you have an idea for this series of short conversations, please e-mail [ ]  Or leave a suggestion here.  Thank you.