Art Interlude

Copland summer reading is going well, and I'll post an update next week on what I'm learning. I'm not sure if this will lead to any grander conclusions that I so optimistically predicted last week, but I'm having a lot of fun reading about Copland's life - where and how he lived and worked, along with his connections with other musicians, artists, and writers. 

Enough - this post is not about Copland - instead, it's about a project that was completed in fewer hours than it will take me to read that book: the Wall\Therapy mural at The Little Theatre.  

These pictures are of before and after the artists How and Nosm painted the wall at the Little Theater in just 18 hours on July 21-22nd.  Thank you to Chris Hogan Roy for taking these pictures and for giving permission to share them here, and to Jess Myers for sending them my way. 

Photo credits: Chris Hogan Roy.

The Wall \ Therapy website has a map to help you find all of their murals around Rochester.