April, at last

Monday, April 11th is the birth anniversary (in 1891) of one of my favorite composers, Sergei Prokofiev. Okay, there’s some confusion here since, if you follow the Gregorian calendar, it’s April 23th.  Nonetheless, his third piano concerto dashes and sings, his symphonies and ballets come spiced with wonder.  Here’s what’s airing this week in the early mornings on Classical 91.5.

 Monday, April 11

Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake, Ruins of Athens (Beethoven), Alberto Ginastera

On Composer’s Datebook: Mozart and Allegri

On the Writer’s Almanac: the single most beautiful thing in the world

FEATURE  Meet Rochester’s 2011 “Classical Idol,” soprano Kathryn Lewek.


Tuesday, April 12

Music by Vivaldi, Liszt, John Adams

On Composer’s Datebook: Loeffler's Quartet

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Wednesday, April 13

Pieces by Arthur Honegger, Henry Purcell, two rivers (The Moldeau, Old and Lost)

On Composer’s Datebook: Goldberg and Rzewski

Writer’s Almanac: truth in advertising


Thursday, April 14

Music by Jacques Ibert, Benjamin Britten, CPE Bach

On Composer’s Datebook: Mozart's "Coronation" Concerto

Writer’s Almanac: love like a star


Friday, April 15

Mozart, Elgar, the Waltz King, and Ravel’s Piano concerto in G

On Composer’s Datebook: Converse salutes Henry Ford