All that wrath and a bunch of chips

Superbowl advertisers turned to classical composers to help them sell carbonated beverages (with Rossini's William Tell Overture), a new TV series (cue Carl Orff's Carmina Burana), cars (via John Williams' The Empire Strikes Back) and bright orange chips which may not be the healthiest thing for you or your dog.  In my opinion, the juxtaposition of Verdi's Requiem with a slow-motion, running pug is pretty funny.



Classic (al) Commercials

I've noticed a sharp uptick in the use of classical music in commercials over the last months. It it a nod to the music, or is it less expensive than paying rockers for fair use? In either case, it's nice to hear.

Good question

. . . and if you want to see more ads with classical music, click here for WQXR's blog.