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Missing the Theme

I was sitting on the sofa, suffering through shingles.  I finished the NY Times crossword puzzle, read some of Patricia O'Connor's The Origin of the Specious, watched an episode of Judge Pirro.  Looking for further distraction, I fired up the first season of The West Wing.  As the pilot started, with that impossibly beautiful song playing over the opening credits, it struck me:  where have all the theme songs gone?

Volunteer for WXXI and Have a Festival!

Yes, we know that Winter is still blowing snow around our Rochester communities, but Spring and Summer are not far away. The warmer season brings us not only sun and fun; it brings us all of those great festivals the Rochester area is so well known for.

WXXI participates in many of these festivals and we need volunteers to help us out in our booth. Booth volunteers promote and explain the many ways WXXI supports our communities with music, art, education and health programs for people of all ages.

The festivals that WXXI will be participating in this year are:

Lilac Festival


October Radio Drive Coming Up and We Neeed Volunteer Help on the Phones

Yes, it is radio drive time again! The drive begins on Friday October 16 and ends on Friday October 23.
We need volunteers for all shifts on every day. The shifts are 6AM to10AM, 10AM to 2PM, and 2PM to 6PM. The most important shifts are the early and late shifts as they are the "drive time" shifts. Shift times may vary on the weekend.  We know that many of you work or have family duties during the normal shift time, so feel free to come in at whatever hours you can fit into your schedule.


Volunteers Help Make Speaking of Women's Health Conference a Big Success! Thank You!

Speaking of Women's Health, WXXI's biggest event of the year, was held last Thursday on September 17. It was a big success with over 1000 women participating in sessions on all aspects of women's health.
The attendees  were able to see and learn about the newest in health trends, makeup, foods, exercise equipment and much more. They could even get a massage, an eyebrow wax or have various blood tests performed - at no charge!


Another TV Drive Coming Up and We Need More Groups To Help Out On the Phones

Yes, it is TV membership drive time again! We thank the several volunteer groups that have asked to be part of this one but we have three nights still open.
If your group of 8 or more would like a little free publicity, with your logo displayed on screen and your mission described by the TV talent, then now is the time to let us know!


A Goodbye To Someone Special

Every family has the one special person everybody likes and wants to be with. The WXXI volunteer family has one of those, Judy Cutaia, our events and volunteer coordinator for these many years. Judy has been our leader, teacher, ultimate organizer and friend.
It is with mixed emotions that we recently learned that Judy has announced her retirement from WXXI and will re-locate to her little spot of heaven in Tennessee.

When jazz used to be a four-letter word...

I got an email this week with the subject heading "jass" and this website linked in the body.  This email came from a reputable source, so I knew the link would be at least entertaining, and probably informative.

Wow! What a Great Group of Volunteers!

Wow, nearly 20 people have called to be trained as docents! Thanks to all of you who called and spoke to Judy Cutaia.

Proud of WXXI's Modern Facilities? Become a Volunteer Tour Guide and Tell Our Visitors All About It!

We know, as volunteers, how lucky the Rochester area is to have a modern, high tech public broadcasting facility like WXXI. The majority of our viewers and listeners have no idea of the services WXXI provides to the community: the national TV and radio shows that are produced here, the educational outreach programs that effect all of the region and the many community events that we sponsor or assist in sponsoring. Events such as The Jazz Festival,  Speaking of Women's Health and booths at all of the many festivals held in Rochester throughout the year.
One of the most satisfying parts of being a tour guide, or docent, at WXXI is hearing the visitors say, "I had no idea that WXXI did that, produced that etc.".

Want Some Free TV Coverage for Your Company or Group? Join Us for The 2009 Winter TV Membership Drive

The March 2009 TV  Membership Drive will begin on February 27 and continue to March 18. WXXI will be presenting many great shows and specials during the drive.
Did you know that volunteering for the TV drive can help your company, group or club gain recognition in the community? Each group that brings 7 or more volunteers to answer the phones during the drive will be recognized by the on-air talent with a short description of the group and their logo will be shown on the screen. Snacks and drinks will be provided. What a great way to get some deserved recognition while volunteering your time at WXXI!