On-Demand: Always in Season

On-Demand: Always in Season

Claudia Lacy returns to the spot where her teenage son, Lennon, was found hanging on August 29, 2014.

Credit: Courtesy of Peter Eversoll

A grieving mother embarks on a quest for racial justice after her teenage son's suspicious death.

Always in Season follows the tragedy of African American teenager Lennon Lacy, who in August 2014, was found hanging from a swing set in North Carolina. His death was ruled a suicide, but Lennon’s mother and family believe he was lynched. The film chronicles her quest to learn the truth and takes a closer look at the lingering impact of more than a century of lynching African Americans.

In Always in Season, descendants of the victims and perpetrators of lynching are working together to heal a violent history. Blending observational footage with first-person testimonies and expert input, Always in Season examines the lingering impact of lynching and the link between this historic form of racial terrorism and the racial violence that exists today. Available on-demand through 8/30/2020.

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