Asian Matters Series On-Demand

Asian Matters Series On-Demand

Asian Matters: Standing with Rochester's Asian American Communities


With attacks on Asian and Asian Americans increasing across the country, the Levine Center to End Hate was proud to partner with Monroe Community College’s Department of Global Education & International Services to present a three-part series exploring the Asian and Asian American communities of Greater Rochester, the history of racism and xenophobia aimed at Asian and Asian Americans in our country, and ways we can work together to support our Asian and Asian American neighbors. 

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Three Sessions On-Demand:

Asian in Rochester

Meet the Presenters: 

  • Pilapa Esara Carroll 
  • Natasha Chen Christensen
  • Christina Lee


From MARCH 21, 2021

Our introductory session examined the diversity of Asian and Asian American communities in Greater Rochester, and the impacts of racism and xenophobia historically and more recently with the COVID-19 pandemic.



From APRIL 11, 2021

Asian in Perspective

Three Asian Americans from different sectors of Greater Rochester come together to talk about common misperceptions of Asian Americans and the negative effect they have on the Asian American community.

Meet the Presenters:

  • Hannah PK
  • Smriti Jacob
  • Frank Keophetlasy
  • Samiha Islam

Asian in Action

Local Asian American change-makers round out the final session of our series. Their activism on behalf of refugees, the LGBTQ+ community, and others breaks down divisions that can become a source of hate.

Meet the Presenters:

  • Joshua Wu
  • Jeremy Tjhung
  •  Soe Win
  • Tiana Stephens