Week of June 11 - 15, 2012

Week of June 11 - 15, 2012

Weekdays 12pm-2pm

Here's the rundown for this week's guests

Monday 6/11

Hr. 1

Plulitzer Prize winning journalist David Cay Johnston on economic inequality, tax policy, and decisions American voters must make this year

Hr. 2

Previewing the Rochester International Jazz Festival with its founders and producers, John Nugent and Marc Iacona


Tuesday 6/12

Hr. 1

The economy and the financial system; CNB chair George Hamlin, and president Frank Hamlin

Hr. 2

Alternatives on city spending and tax policy; former mayoral candidate Alex White and Dave Atias offer a different approach on aspects of the city budget


Wednesday 6/13

Hr. 1

Former U.S. Diplomat and Congressman Glenn Nye discusses the challenges facing Europe and impacting America (recorded)

Hr. 2

Cinema today; critic and columnist Jack Garner


Thursday 6/14

Hr. 1

A turbulent global economy and its possible impact on us; economist Kathy Bromley discusses the issues

Hr. 2

Update on youth services, and preparation of young people for the working world; Hillside Work-Scholarship Connection director Patti Malgieri


Friday 6/15 (Healthy Friday)


Elissa Orlando conducts a Healthy Friday program on issues of personal health and wellbeing

Hr. 2 (if Healthy Friday guest is unavailable)

Harvard economist, and Rochester native, Kenneth Rogoff on lessons we SHOULD have learned from the recession—but may not have (recorded)


Second hour substitute program on 6/15 is being tentatively scheduled because of possible conflict affecting availability of originally booked Healthy Friday guest.




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Todays guests

Bob should have Alex Smith and the other gentleman on with Mayor Richards. I would like to hear the mayor respond to the issues they raise. This is a fascinating discussion. Please post their website.

re: Today's guests

Thanks for listening! The link for Alex White's site is: