Week of December 26-31, 2011

Week of December 26-31, 2011

Weekdays 12pm-2pm

Here's the rundown for this week's guests

Monday 12/26

NO SHOW-Pre-empted for holiday specials “Hungry for the Holidays” and “Season’s Griot”


Tuesday 12/27

Hr. 1

Don Levy of the Siena Research Institute joins us live from the Capital District, to discuss a new report on whether New Yorkers are fully engaged and involved in their communities (rescheduled from 12/19/11)

Hr. 2

MCC Business Professor and personal investment expert Joe Marchese reviews the year in the markets and looks ahead to 2012


Wednesday 12/28

Hr. 1

Gerald Celente, director and founder of the Trends Research Institute, looks ahead to 2012 and projects the trends most likely to affect our lives

Hr. 2

Politics 2011 in review ; St. John Fisher College political scientist Jim Bowers


Thursday 12/29

Hr. 1

MCC professor emeritus of economics and business Kathy Bromley examines the economy at year’s end, and looks ahead

Hr. 2

We look at the State of the Arts 2011 with Sarah Lentini and Dawn Lipson of the Arts and Cultural Council of Greater Rochester (recorded)


Friday 12/30

1370 Connection, 2011 In Review; a 2 hour look back at the year just ending (recorded)


The recorded segment with former combatants in the Israeli and Palestinian ranks discussing why they’re now advocates for peace and reconciliation, originally scheduled to air at 1 PM on the 29th, will be heard instead at a later date TBA.



Live 1370 Connection programming will resume on Tuesday, January 3, 2012.




All programs originate live in our studios unless otherwise indicated. Schedules are subject to change in response to breaking news.



Gerald Celente as guest

While he has interesting perspective, I really can't stand to listen to him talk down to the listeners. He presumes that everyone else is an idiot and speaks accordingly. As a result, his ideas are not heard.

I bet you can find another guest to represent this viewpoint who I can actually stand to listen to.