Connections with Evan Dawson: Minimum Wage/Dialogue on Disability

Connections with Evan Dawson: Minimum Wage/Dialogue on Disability

Mon, 01/20/2014 - 12:00pm - 2:00pm

Today on Connections with Evan Dawson...


12 noon

Minimum wage: where is it headed? NY recently raised the minimum wage to $8; federal Democrats want $10.10 with the wage linked to inflation.

Guests: State Senator Ted O’Brien, who favors an even more aggressive schedule in raising the minimum wage, and Kent Gardner, Chief Economist with the Center for Governmental Research, who will provide evidence that there are negative consequences linked to Senator O’Brien’s proposals. Gardner will also offer alternative ways to impact workers near the poverty level.

1 pm

Dialogue on Disability kicks off with a look at new hiring rules that are coming in 2015. What do employers need to know? How should businesses go about interviewing job candidates who are blind, deaf, or have other limitations? How can job applicants with such limitations overcome the stigmas that abound?

Guests: Marie MacGregor, director of human resources for Rochester Rehabilitation, and Sara Taylor, director of employment services at Rochester Rehabilitation.

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