The Parents' Perspective on the School Funding Crunch

The Parents' Perspective on the School Funding Crunch

Mon, 04/11/2011 - 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Hear Rochester parents share their perspective on the city school budget crisis--and on the overall fiscal crunch facing all of New York State's public schools--as members of the Flower City Parents' Network join us in the studio.



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The RCSD budget has not been transparent. They have been reluctant to release this information. Any information that is available has been uncovered by investigative journalists doing a very good job. Look at any other school district's budget. It is clear where the money is being spent. Not so with the RCSD. Are they hiding the fact that the bookkeeping is sloppy, or that they don't want us to know where/how the money is spent? We have the largest amount of money spent on administration in the area. We also have the smallest amount spent on classrooms in the area.

The union has tried repeatedly to meet with Mr. Brizard with suggestions and compromises. Mr. Brizard has refused to come to the table with anything in writing. There is now a mediator involved (chosen by Mr. Brizard) and Mr. Brizard is still not coming to the table and is not following the requests of the mediator. The union is not opposed to changes. It would just like to be part of the discussion and planning. Mr. Brizard is not interested in this.

I hope this answers some of the questions brought up today. I am grateful to the journalists who are willing to uncover the truth in this mess. The truth is not being presented by the district