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1370 Connection reflected not only the work of host Bob Smith and all of our colleagues on the news and public affairs team, but the contributions of a number of popular regular guests who appeared monthly on the program. 

Tom Proietti
We are all consumers of the media, print, broadcast and online. Tom Proietti, who appeared with us monthly on 1370 Connection, is uniquely qualified to make us all more media literate. He’s currently a professor and former chairman of the communications faculty at Monroe Community College, and an adjunct instructor on media issues in Britain’s university system who delivers annual lectures and seminars in London. Trained in both the undergraduate and graduate programs of Syracuse University’s renowned Newhouse School of Journalism and Commun-ications, he’s not only taught media but served as a radio and television personality, a broadcast journalist, and broadcast and cable executive in large markets across upstate New York.

Kathy Bromley
The economy is more than just facts and figures. It needs analysis and context, and we called on Kathy Bromley to provide it. She is an author, economic analyst, and professor of economics and business at Monroe Community College. One of her specialties, is the demystifying of economic concepts and presentation of economic fact in plain logical language, without the cant and jargon we often find accompanying it---a talent which has made her much in demand as a lecturer.

Mike Tanzini and Greg Frank
Mike and Greg first became familiar to audiences across NY State a decade ago from their regular appearances on the statewide "New York Lawn And Garden" a broadcast which originated on our sister station WXXI-TV and was seen from Buffalo to Long Island and all points in between. In addition to their full time work as lawn, tree, and garden experts for the Ted Collins tree and landscape firm, they shared their expertise with you during the first hour of 1370 Connection on the third Wednesday of each month, from March through December.

Jerry Ludwig
Jerry Ludwig is a native upstate New Yorker. But his work as a contractor, remodeler and homebuilder has taken him throughout the eastern United States. Holder of an undergraduate degree from Muskingum College and graduate degree from the University of Virginia, he's operated Ludwig Associates, a Rochester-based regional home inspection and consulting firm, since 1986. He's been the author of the weekly "Home Front" column in the Democrat and Chronicle for a decade. You heard his answers to your home remodeling questions on the first hour of 1370 Connection, on the third Thursday of each month.

Edith Lank
Your home is not just a place to live, it’s also an investment—the biggest one most of us will make. Getting the best value out of it whether purchasing or selling it, is a crucial task, and Edith Lank has been helping a national readership with that task for many years. An experienced realtor in her own right, she is also author of the bestselling Complete Homebuyer’s Kit and Complete Homeseller’s Kit. Her nationally syndicated column on residential real estate has been a weekly staple of over 100 newspapers across the nation for three decades.

Joe Marchese
For over three decades, Joe Marchese has provided his students at Monroe Community College with instruction on money management and financial planning, turning thousands of them into smarter and better-informed investors. Before entering the teaching field he served as an executive in the communications industry, and has also provided financial planning consultation to private investors in the Rochester metropolitan area. He's shared his strategy for conservative, diversified investment with 1370 Connection listeners during the first hour of the program on the last Wednesday of each month since 1990.

Yvonne Jordan and Jack Wanderman
Singly, they’re experts on a wide variety of antiques and collectibles, from glass and ceramics to furniture to silver to books. Together, they form the “College of Collectible Knowledge” which gathered together to answer listeners’ questions on antiques during the first hour of 1370 Connection on the first Thursday of each month. They’re a group of friends dedicated to carrying on the work of spreading knowledge about antiques and collectibles, begun on the air and in the community many years ago by our good friend, the late Ed Cornwell. They’re also active as appraisers and marketers of antiques in Rochester.

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