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Reachout Radio is looking for radios that are no longer in use. If you see any of the radios shown below, please return it to us at our office at 280 State Street, Rochester, NY 14614.

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Now you can take your favorite newspapers and readings with you!

Description: Reachout Radio is available as a live stream on any internet-ready audio device, or via iBlink Radio* on your smartphone.

To get connected, send an email to:  

* iBlink Radio from Serotek Corporation is the world's first application for the visually impaired, providing access to radio stations, podcasts and reading services of special interest to
blind and visually impaired persons.


May is Healthy Vision Month


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Join us for BirdNote

Many people with vision loss love to go birding. But to truly enjoy the experience, you need to be able to identify the various songs of the species. Beginning June 3rd, every weeknight at 9:58 p.m. Reachout Radio listeners can enjoy a new two-minute feature of bird songs called BirdNote. BirdNote strives to transport listeners out of the daily grind and into the natural world with outstanding audio programming and online content. The stories we tell are rich in sound, imagery, and information – connecting the ways and needs of birds to the lives of listeners.



ArtAbility Rochester - Thursday, October 13, 2011 - 2-7pm - Memorial Art Gallery - 500 University Ave - 14607

Goal Ball Championships at SUNY Brockport

SUNY Brockport hosted the 2011 National Goal Ball Championships. The game that began as a way to rehabilitate blind veterans after World War II has become a high-energy Paralympic sport. More


Dr. James Kutsch and Ruth Phinney,

Dr. James Kutsch (Jim), President & CEO of The Seeing Eye visits WXXI with his beautiful yellow lab, Colby, with Ruth Phinney, Reachout Radio & FM Program Director.


Sound Body Wins Award

Sound Body Award Winners
Ruth Phinney (left) receives the 2010 IAAIS Program Award from President Kim Walsh

WXXI Reachout Radio, received a 2009 Program of the Year Award for Sound Body: The Buteyko Method at International Association of Audio Information Services (IAAIS) Conference in Dallas, Texas on Saturday, June 5, 2010. Listen to the show online.



What is Reachout Radio?

WXXI Reachout Radio is a radio reading service that provides 24-hour per day readings of local and national newspapers, magazines, and books for people who are print-handicapped. Eligible print-handicapped* individuals include those with visual impairment or blindness, those who suffer from a physical disability which prohibits the holding of printed material, or one with a learning disability such as dyslexia. WXXI Reachout Radio is closed-circuit and is accessible through a specially-tuned radio which is provided free of charge to eligible applicants. The service is also made available for people who are temporarily disabled due to surgery or accident. WXXI Reachout Radio is provided in partnership with ABVI-Goodwill Industries of Greater Rochester.

Reachout Broadcast Range

Reachout Radio is located in the WXXI Public Broadcasting facility at 280 State Street in downtown Rochester. The service is broadcast on a subcarrier frequency of 91.5 FM in Rochester, and 90.3 FM in Houghton. Its broadcast reaches listeners in Monroe, Orleans, Wayne, Genesee, Ontario, Wyoming, Livingston, Yates, Seneca and portions of Allegany and Steuben counties. WXXI Reachout Radio is one of more than 120 radio reading services available through the United States that are members of the International Association of Audio Information Services (IAAIS). For information on a service in another area, call toll-free 1-800-280-5325.

Other WXXI services for people who are visually impaired:

As a further service to Rochester's visually impaired community, WXXI television offers a large number of its programs with descriptive video (DVi). These programs are noted with a D))) in the listings below or in the WXXI Member Magazine (Station Signals Program Guide). Programs with descriptive video provide concise descriptions of sets, scenery, costumes, action and other important visual elements between the dialogue of the program.

This descriptive video is available through the Secondary Audio Program (SAP) channel of a stereo television set or stereo VCR through either a button on the remote control, or an on-screen menu option. When the SAP channel is activated, any DVi program containing descriptive video will be heard along with all of the regular program audio. For more information on how to access DVi programs through the SAP channel, call WXXI at 325-7500.

*Print-handicapped is a term used to include a variety of visual and physical disabilities that prohibit access to standard print information. Blindness and visual impairment is the primary disability; however, physical disabilities such as stroke, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, multiple schlorosis and arthritis, which prohibit the holding of reading material, are also included. Further, people with cognitive limitations such as dyslexia or brain injury are included in the definition of print handicapped.

Reachout Radio is looking for radios that are no longer in use. If you see any of the radios shown, please return it to us at our office at 280 State Street, Rochester, NY 14614.

Compol-SCA-B Radio Victory Radio
Norver UniBand


Reachout Radio is made possible in partnership with The Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired-Goodwill (ABVI)

The Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired-Goodwill (ABVI)


Thanks to the Irondequoit Lions Club for their annual support

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