Reachout Radio
To apply for a WXXI Reachout Radio Receiver
Reachout Radio Receiver
Reachout Receiver

To apply for a WXXI Reachout Radio Receiver...

Call WXXI Reachout Radio at (585) 258-0333 or use the online form below.

You may also write to Reachout Radio at P.O. Box 30021, Rochester, NY 14603-3021 to request an application form.  

Online Application: Apply online for a single receiver or for a facility request.

Required: Certification of Disability

If you are not registered with The NYS Commission for the Visually Handicapped or The Library of Congress Talking Books Program you must print the form (PDF) and have a physician, nurse, social worker, rehabilitation counselor or other qualified individual complete the following Certification of Disability and return it to WXXI Reachout Radio at P.O. Box 30021, Rochester, NY 14603-3021.

WXXI Reachout Radio is closed-circuit and is accessible through a specially-tuned radio. The receivers are loaned free of charge to eligible applicants. Closed-circuit means that the service is not available on a regular radio. WXXI Reachout Radio is closed-circuit because of the United States copyright law. By the closed nature of the service, WXXI Reachout Radio is allowed to broadcast copyrighted print information without the permission of the publisher, as long as the intent of the material’s use is for people who are print-handicapped.

The service is also available for people who are temporarily disabled due to surgery or accident. Multi-resident facilities such as nursing homes, hospitals, and group homes are eligible to apply for WXXI Reachout Radio. Applying for a Reachout Radio receiver can be done by filling out one of our online forms for a facility or for single use.

WXXI Reachout Radio receivers are tuned only to this service and there is no need for fine tuning. Receivers are available in either a table model, or a small portable model that is operated on 4 “C” batteries. Applications are filled as receivers are available.

Reachout Radio is made possible in partnership with The Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired-Goodwill (ABVI)