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About WXXI New EdVideo Online Service:

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  • Receive a FREE account provided by WXXI
  • Get other teachers and students using 50,000 instructional multimedia components on-demand.
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About Taping Broadcasts for the Classroom Use

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  • Programs WXXI provides for teachers and parents to tape for educational use.
  • Overnight broadcasts of instructional programs WXXI licenses for taping
  • Prime Time and Daytime programs available for taping
  • Schedules of when program descriptions and air dates
  • Copyright clearance and terms that allow you to use these programs due to PBS and WXXI providing licenses for educational use.

Monthly Educational Resource Newsletters

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  • The WXXI Educational Resources Monthly Newsletter
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  • WXXI weekly Parent Newsletter
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PBS Teachers :

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  • Searchable database of 4500+ lesson plans.

Search more than 4500 free lessons and activities.

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