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K-12: Taping WXXI Broadcasts For Classroom Use

Taping WXXI Broadcasts for Classroom Use

Instructional programming is a powerful resource that takes students beyond the walls of the classroom. Instructional programming challenges students and sparks the joy of learning.

What can I tape for classroom use?

Overnight Instructional TV (ITV) Broadcasts: WXXI offers more than 370 hours of instructional programming during the overnight block feed schedule. Schools and individuals can tape the programming for educational purposes and use it as needed throughout the school year . Check our online TV schedules and monthly newsletter for broadcast schedule updates.

Schedules: Updated program dates are made available in the monthly newsletter and in the monthly online schedule

Prime Time and Daytime Children's Programs: During our daytime and primetime schedule, there are many programs with enrichment materials available on the program web site. Most of these programs have school year taping rights.(School Year Re-record Rights). We repeat some prime time programming in our overnight broadcast during the same week. See monthly newsletters for details of schedule.

DTV Programs: Since 2001, WXXI has made available 3 digital channels. They have childrens', primetime and other educational programs. These are also a wonderful source of enrichment for the classroom. Some of these programs have school year taping rights.(School Year Re-record Rights).

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